Lego Batman

It's a strange idea, isn't it? A superhero movie, but the superhero is Lego. Everything is Lego. And it's not actual Lego but CGI Lego. This movie could only happen now, imagine if it was pitched 20 years ago - 1997 - a year in which the highest grossing kids film was George of the Jungle (remember Brendan Fraser?) and a period in where Disney made pretty much the only animated films. It would've been a non-starter for studio execs. But now in risk-averse  2017 Hollywood it makes perfect sense - it's based on TWO intellectual properties.  It's one of those movies that just sounds right - you don't even need a trailer or a poster, if you've seen The Lego Movie you know this is gonna be fun. Besides, what else has it got to compete with? Sing? Sing is a movie you go to for your kids, nobody's going out of their way to see it. So with such an easy sell, they didn't need to make the movie as good as it is. It really plays to its strengths; they make the most out of the intrinsic comedy value of Lego as well as the great comedic actors involved. The action scenes make sense and it's really pretty. It's smart, and it felt like they tried. 

The only problem is the length - it goes from being almost perfect in the opening 20 minutes to great, to just pretty good by the end, though you could say this about a lot of movies. It's directed by Chris Mckay who directed lots of Robot Chicken. I love that kind of humour, bringing the mundane to extraordinary situations and characters, but I think its best suited to a half-hour format, the film gets less funny as it progresses and the joke gets a little old. It doesn't get boring though, and doesn't forget what it is, the action scenes in the third act are still clever and inventive. 

All around great, especially if you like Robot Chicken. I'm not sure if kids will like it so much though.