Made up movies - Garbage

On the Coffee and Cake film podcast we have a feature where me and Dodi are both given a movie title and have to pitch Andy a movie with that name. I thought it would be nice to collect the written pitches somewhere, so I'll be posting these weekly. Here's the MUM from last week - Garbage (directed by Roland Emmerich):

Man has been too wasteful. Mother nature (played by Cate Blanchett in leafy prosthetics) is angry, and has made a punishment best fitting to man's own arrogance; garbage is now rising up and taking revenge against humanity. For years man has been fighting garbage, which is now conscious and dangerous, but we still haven't learned to be environmentally friendly. Lotus biscuits still come in individually wrapped packages, toothpaste comes in a tube inside a cardboard box, and people still buy bags every time they go shopping, even though they cost 5p and they have a bag for life at home in a draw. 
Humanities last hope lies in the garbageman project; an army of men in 10 foot tall robot mech armour designed to fight against the garbage. They are lead out to sea by old man Woody Harrelson with a beard to fight a giant garbage island monster.

These things happen:

Selina gomez falls in love with a garbage monster and has to hide it from her boyfriend Jona Hill.

Woody Harrelson is eaten by a crisp monster.

In the science room, Sean William Scott crumples a plastic cup and throws it on the floor. It becomes Garbage, comes alive and attacks him. Jeff Goldblum makes an angry speech about not throwing rubbish on the floor, grabs the attacking cup and puts his pencils in it. It then is recycled and therefore not garbage and stops attacking, which is how they realise how to defeat the garbage.